Fus Balear Dissenys, imitation jewellery for men

Our firm was founded in 1993, with tour members; ANTONIO ROMERO, NANDO ANDREU, JUAN ROMERO and KIKE ROMERO. From the beginning our wish, was to deal in exclusive to man accessories. Our articles have a better class quality, an excellent quality-price relation ship and well worth to sell.

The main objective of our products is the good wearing, so that a men feels smart and elegant. The star article are the CUFFLINKS but also, we make tie-bars cover-buttons, tie and handkerchief stems or key rings. Our designs are modern in syntomy with the today man, but always with a classical touch, that gives to our pieces.

Every four months we present to the market, a new collection to attend our customer´s needs.So, in 15 years we have a wide collection of samples, over one thousand models, in different materials, colour gamma, swarosky stones, laser drawings or glossy.

All in silver plated or gold plated, rhodium, bicolour of high quality.

We are a solid well established company, leader in our market (spain) and increasing exports, with relationship in countries as: Japan, China, Greace, Russia, Lietuva, Latvija, Belgium, Germany, Italy or in south America Venezuela.

Quality design are our objective, but also seriousness and to be at your service. 

Fus Balear Dissenys S.L.

Avda. des Castell, 8 POIVI Es Castell 07720

Tel. 971 353 382

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